Falcon Design Forward Charging Rifle


The first Forward Charging Rifle specifically designed for the UK. 

The Falcon Design Forward Charging System (FCS) allows you to charge your rifle from a handle at the front of the handguard. This pushes back directly on the BCG in the same way a semi-auto AR with working gas parts would. The FCS also meets the requirements of UK legislation as a straight-pull Section 1 rifle. 


The Forward Charging System Handguard is also available separately and the Forward Charging System (FCS) is compatible with all Mil-Spec AR15 receivers.  

Mag Pouches with unlimited tension adjustment.  

Model-specific monoblock design for maximum strength and configurability, with versions specifically made for the Walther PPQ 22LR, Walther Colt 1911 22LR, Shield KMR 22LR and GSG 1911 22LR. 

All of our products are covered by our lifetime DTTM ® Warranty.  

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