Browning Buck Mark Slide Racker

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£ 25.00

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    Despite being one of the finest rimfire handguns ever built, the Browning Buck Mark has always been plagued with a less-than-ergonomic slide. Keeping the pistol ambidextrous with options for the handle to go on the left or right hand side, our Browning Buck Mark Slide Racker gives the shooter a comfortable and large grip to manipulate the slide with. Say goodbye to cold, wet, stinging hands trying to grasp harsh metal serrations when against the clock and hello to clearing malfunctions in milliseconds.

    Major Features:

    • Ambidextrous - handle can go on the left or right hand side
    • Slides onto the rear of the slide and securely fastens with one screw
    • Oversized handle
    • Maintains the slim profile of the gun
    • Lightweight yet durable material
    • Does not interfere with the shooter or the gun's function